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So, where’ve you been, Katherine?
March 26, 2008, 9:12 pm
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Pretty much working, exercising, and writing my novel. And nagging my sister to put dog pictures on Flickr. I think the world needs more pet pictures, don’t you? Isn’t that an Avenue Q song? “The Internet is for Pet Pictures”?
Current novel wordcount: 48,828. We’ve made it to the city, where lots of important things happen. Ooh, I need to tweak my outline spreadsheet to match some of the changes in the text outline. A whole bunch of unplanned characters showed up in Chapter Ten and have become important, and need to be reflected in the outline.


I’ve been similarly occupied. Working, putting out fires for the regional Society of Professional Journalists group (that’s a saga I should post about), trying to get back into my exercise routine (added some pilates–damn I can feel that in my ass), and writing on a new project (in violation of my self-imposed rule). It’s a really dark and twisted love story, but there’s a lot of dark and twisted shit in my head right now that I need to get out. This seems to be working. I don’t know that I’ll ever show it to anyone, because it is seriously dark and twisted shit and would probably make people worry about me. 😉

Comment by Another Voice in the Cacophony

Heh, like people aren’t going to worry about me and Lizardfic. 😉
I’m trying to do more yoga. Mainly because I’m about as flexible as reinforced concrete.
Good luck with everything, especially the writing. Go you! Go you!

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