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Possibly eccentric decision.
December 3, 2006, 2:06 pm
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At least, it made Brian give me a weird look. 😉
I’m considering doing all my composing in plain text rather than Open Office or AbiWord. Why?

  • More portable–easier to sneak in work on other machines (*coughcough*the office*cough*).
  • I won’t need to convert the story to text to submit it to Critters or my email-based crit group.
  • This way I get the full benefit of all of subversion‘s features, including diff and conflict resolution. Plain text also takes up less room in subversion’s repository.
  • Zippier performance–I noticed a significant drag in saving my NaNovel.

It’s really the subversion benefits that convince me. I’ve already had to resolve a conflict with a binary file. Ugh. I’d really rather not do that again, but knowing me, I will.


You do know you’re insane, don’t you? I mean, text editors… And not even BBEdit.
On the other hand, you probably won’t have the problem I occassionally run into with Word where it randomly starts refusing to save…
NO. You will not seduce me. I am not writing a hundred thousand word novel in BBEdit. It’s not going to happen.
And don’t wave LaTeX in front of my face either. I’m on to you. The Kitties will protect me!

Comment by B. B. Kristopher

Hey, I’m planning on using GUI editors. It’s not like I’m planning on writing in vi. 😉
*waves seductive combination of cheap hardware and free software in front of your face*

Comment by Katherine Mankiller

You can have my Mac when you pry it from my cold, dead hands!
On the other hand, the do make LaTeX for OS X, and EMacs, and there’s always BBEdit and TextWrangler and…
Stop it!

Comment by B. B. Kristopher

Version control, baby. It’s where it’s at. 😉

Comment by Katherine Mankiller

I do most of my personal writing in a text editor. It’s not fancy, but it’s nice and small and speedy.
I’ll paste something into Word or OpenOffice if I need to format it, but that’s seldom necessary.

Comment by Darth J.

Darth–I used to do all my writing in pico in my ISP’s shell account. I honestly don’t remember why I stopped. Maybe not using that account any more had something to do with it.
For awhile I was trying to compose in standard manuscript submission format, but the format tended to get mangled. Something about the ways Word, AbiWord, and Open Office handle rtf files was not of the compatable.

Comment by Katherine Mankiller

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