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Complications Ensue
May 8, 2006, 10:16 am
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Um. Yeah. Laptop died.
I kind of took the opportunity to go linux. Which means I had to import the script into Celtx, which I just don’t love as much as Final Draft. I’ll probably try to get Final Draft to work under wine as soon as I fix the video card, which is a bit cranky. Cranky video cards are common to my Debian experience. Everything else seems to work (well, I haven’t tried the modem, but…), including wireless. Yay, wireless! MadWifi is my friend.
I managed to get the old laptop to boot enough to pull the last bit of data off, but I’d really rather not use that machine as a primary writing machine any more. It just isn’t reliable.
I’d lost maybe a page or two of the script, but recovered that file as well. The question is whether or not I want to import that into Celtx as well. My first thought is, “*facepalm!*” so…

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