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I need help.
April 13, 2006, 9:13 am
Filed under: geekiness, procrastination

I was stressed out after work last night, so I decided to unwind by converting my site from XHTML Traditional to XHTML Strict. *facepalm*
The most obnoxious part was going back and finding invalid markup in old entries and changing it. I think I’ve found it all. I even found a popup window I’d failed to spork–horrors! Die, popups, die!
I’m such a nerd.
And I really should have been working on my script.


I did work on my script last night. It was the first evening I’ve had all to myself in, oh, three weeks. I won’t tell you the page count because it’s pathetic, but first evening to myself in three weeks and all.

Comment by Another Voice in the Cacophony

Go, you!
Tonight. Tonight there will be script.

Comment by Katherine Mankiller

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