Katherine Mankiller

March 28, 2006, 9:53 am
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Of course, when I’m wanting to finish a bunch of writing, I get sick. Isn’t that how it always goes? Or is that just me?

I also haven’t had any caffeine since Friday, and am thinking of making that permanent. I enjoy caffeine, but it’s bad for me, and I probably just shouldn’t.

I’m still sick, and probably shouldn’t be posting. Here’s proof! An artist’s rendition of how my weekend went:

KATHERINE is clutching her stomach with one hand
and holding a barf bag with the other.  In the
background, Star Trek fight music swells.
An evil DEADLINE approaches.
You must pay the rent!
Um, paid that on the first.
The Deadline laughs maniacally and twirls its
Apparently, they put me on the good


I feel your pain. I was finally ready to dive into a story last night, and my laptop went all flaky on me. Argh!

Comment by Jennifer Pelland

I, too, feel your pain. I finally finished the project from hell and ended up spending the better part of my weekend trying to clean spyware off of my PC. Grrrrr. My anti-spyware software (all three of them) kept freezing up because of the memory leak. I suspect I will have to do this manually, which freaks me out.
And I’m still coughing and still in pain from coughing so hard about a week ago all the muscles in my neck and shoulders seized up. And I’ve had two sleepless nights in a row.
Sorry for the hindleg, but misery loves company, I guess. I hope you feel better quickly!

Comment by Another Voice in the Cacophony

Jen: Gah! I hate when that happens!
Another Voice: Yikes. Microsoft’s anti-spyware is pretty good–they bought out Giant–so you might want to try them. And feel better!

Comment by Katherine Mankiller

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