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A Question.
September 21, 2005, 4:45 pm
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I have a question, for those of you wiser than I.
When do you give up on a story? Never? When you run out of markets? When you decide it sucks?
I’m considering pulling a story from circulation. I just… feel it’s flawed. I wrote it over a year ago and I’m a better writer now. I could rewrite it, but I feel very strongly that I should be writing this year’s story and not last year’s.
What would you do?

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When I go back and re-read a story and go, “Wow, this sucks,” then I pull it forever.
When I go back and re-read a story and go, “Hrm, I think I can save this,” then I pull it and set it aside until I have both the time and inclination to work on it. But I don’t pull it from my spreadsheet and put it on the trunked tab, even if it takes me a year to decide to get back to it.
But yes, new stories always take precedence.

Comment by Jennifer Pelland

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