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September 18, 2005, 10:46 pm
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I’m trying to exercise more, mainly so I feel like less of a slug. Lots of people (Orson Scott Card, etc.) recommend exercise for authors on the grounds that it’s hard to force lively prose out of a sluggish, tired body, and it’s true. I may have to buy a copy of The Athlete’s Diary on the grounds that obsessive record-keeping inspires me to greater effort. (You should see the Motivational Spreadsheet of Doom I wrote for the SO and my friend Milly.) Right now it’s a pathetic ten minutes on the exercise bike a day; I hope to gradually bump that up to forty-five minutes, followed by weights.
Um, yeah. I mentioned running here ages ago. That didn’t work out; my knee started calling me names. Alas.
I have several ideas from Dragoncon–I mostly went to writer’s panels this year. One of them is an odd kind of cyberpunk, and I have no idea if it’s going to be a short story or a novel. (Meep! although that would give me an opportunity to use the Motivational Spreadsheet of Doom.) It could get long. Which I suppose is good, either way. I have notes, and will let it percolate. I also contemplated the other novel idea I had lying around my hard drive and made more notes.
I still want to write something for Scalzi’s cliché challenge. I started a draft of something, but… eh. I’ll go reread in a day or so and see what I think–right now I think I would reread and say “Eh.”
I like the Sidekick, but I had to rewrite the php browser detection routine to get this site to work with it. Interestingly, the browser string says it is ProxiWeb/AvantGo. I used to use ProxiWeb on Palm, back before AvantGo bought them. And I haven’t seen whether they support J2ME yet; I keep seeing things that suggest that they will next month. I want Azure!


I too try to work out, but my knees have been giving me all sorts of trouble for the past few days. I fear I may be becoming one of those people who ache with the changing of the seasons, and I hates it.
Good luck with your clich� piece! I should be getting the “you suck” letter on mine from JJA real soon now, so it’ll be all primed and ready to go to Scalzi on 10/1.

Comment by Jennifer Pelland

It’s very sad–I want to run, and enjoy the little I’ve done, but apparently my knee isn’t built for it.
JJA has “Book of Shadows.” I’m trying not to get my hopes up, since it’s much more likely, statistically, to be “you suck.” And yet, there is hope eternal. 😉
And thank you. Hopefully the cliché piece will behave in time.

Comment by Katherine Mankiller

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