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Nifty-swifty-ness on SFWA’s site, and my calves.

This is a very useful link for the nightmare story, even if not all the items apply to the story in question. Also, I think I was writing with the wrong POV character, although I wouldn’t have known that if I hadn’t attempted a draft, since it took me an abortive draft attempt to really figure out what’s going on. Or maybe I should condense characters. In fact, I probably should, because if I change POV characters, the original POV character doesn’t really serve much purpose.
In other news, I suck at running running is very challenging, and I think I’m pushing too hard. My calves inform me that they hate me I need to slow down.

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April 5, 2004, 10:05 am
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Dogwood tree in bloom.
I just felt a need to share the prettiness…

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Tiptree short list
April 2, 2004, 10:11 pm
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Someone on Broad Universe pointed out the Tiptree short list today. Ooh, online fic! Read at desk when I should have been doing printer maintenance! (Not really, you know. The computer lab was using that printer, and the only thing wrong with it was a nasty squeak. Replacing the fuser and a bunch of rollers reduced but didn’t eliminate the evil squeak–Alas!–and eliminated the evil *graunch!*)
Anyway, Carol Emshwiller’s “Boys” is very cool. You should go read it. Now. Then you should run don’t walk and read Charles Coleman Finlay’s “Footnotes,” which he mentioned on the F&SF board. I promptly added it to the list but neglected to mention it here.
Speaking of Tiptree, I still love her. I’m not sure whether to work on the new issue of F&SF or start on Up the Walls of the World next. Decisions, decisions!
I really like short fiction. It’s a good length for the short blocks of reading time I end up with sometimes.
And I’m sleepy and rambling. 😉

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