Katherine Mankiller

April 9, 2004, 9:33 pm
Filed under: geekiness, procrastination

The S.O. says that when he goes to the site in Safari, he gets TeH EV0L Netscape stylesheet, which is TeH SuX0rs with any browser except Netscrape. I have therefore gone back to my previous “Screw Netscape 4.x, for it is an aged piece of crap that must die!” state of the site. Also? Feh.
In other news, I’m re-writing my submissions tracking spreadsheet in PHP. No, you can’t see. 😉 The whole point is to teach myself PHP, not so much that it’s going to be more useful in PHP than it is in Excel. Although I’m starting to suspect that yes, it will be more useful in PHP than Excel. Relational database design and all, you know.
As procrastinations go, this one isn’t bad. 😉

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