Katherine Mankiller

March 11, 2004, 9:42 pm
Filed under: life, the universe, and everything, procrastination, short fiction

So, the story loosely based on a nightmare proceeds slowly, because, well, dream. Not very logically consistent. That, and I feel very lazy. My job just got a lot busier.
No, my laptop isn’t back from the shop. They did “final testing” on it this morning at 10am, and it flunked, so they’re tearing out all the main boards and replacing them. On the other hand, they did send me a bogus bill I’ll have to challenge. Sigh!
But I digress.
So, I have this story that I’m working on, but it’s not cooperating, and yesterday I had this really, really wacky silly idea. And it’s just getting sillier. If only I could talk myself into, you know, writing. Why don’t I wash my hair and then try to scribble down the funnier parts I came up with?
Yeah, that sounds like a plan.

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