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My New Job
January 15, 2004, 8:59 pm
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The new job is definitely of the good. I go forth, I restore order to the computing universe, and I leave happy people in my wake. Best of all, I’m not trapped at my desk forbidden to go to lunch or dinner or home for 72 hours at a time. I walk around campus. It’s nice.
On the other hand, I’m having trouble adjusting to the schedule, in that I don’t want to do squat when I get home. I pack my lunch, reset the coffee pot for the next morning, and then I want to goof off. I’m writing a little–not as much as I’d like–and sometimes I can be convinced to do the dishes or clean the litterbox. Of course, the job is a lot more physical than I’m used to.
Must motivate self to plow through email. *wrinkles nose at inbox* Must write something. Other than this!

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