I <3 Goodreads.  I like categorizing my books and tracking them;  it appeals to my unused library degree.  Also, much as they suspect, my friends have similar reading tastes.

Here’s my author page on Goodreads.  Most of the stories are available via the equally awesome Escape Pod, heh, but there’s also Broad Spectrum (on my Kindle!).  Which, let me remind you, is free free free free free.

If you’re not on Goodreads, you should be!

I read an excerpt from “The Last Wasicu” in the Broadpod, here.  It’s one of my favorites of mine.

These were taken by Luke McGuff at Wiscon this year.  You can see the entire collection here:  Wiscon Photo Booth.

Does anyone have experience writing on the train?  Or similar multitasks? 

I’m so excited about this book! Is it March 15 yet?

Lyda’s also posting vignettes to her livejournal. The first one opens:

You know how everyone asks “do you remember where you were when the Aswan dams broke?” I remember very well, indeed. It’s not a story I often tell.

You can read more here.

I’m going to start crossposting between my site and my livejournal. Right about now.

The Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading went well. I read seven
minutes of “The Last Wasicu.” I expected to be more nervous, but it was
oddly non-terrifying. I guess all the high school drama club paid

I’m writing this at Jay Lake’s party, off on a couch in the corner,
because I’m a dork. It’s very loud and crowded, but the people-watching
is first rate. Jen just came over to ask if I’m okay. Yes, I’m just
Jonesin’ for the Tubes. And tired. Debian’s WPA supplicant doesn’t
seem to love unsecured networks, so I had to use Puppy instead.

The best party I’ve been to tonight was the haiku earring party.
Haikus for earrings! I gave permission to reprint, so my haiku may pop
up again some day.

More later, when I’m more awake.

Sigh. I’ve backslid. Yes, I’m back to my old evil ways of several stories started at once. Oh, well. At least I’m actually writing on them.
The former cliché story proceeds slowly, but it’s chugging along. I’m putting in more obstacles and conflict.
I also have a new title for the story awaiting crit. It doesn’t completely suck, so yay.
Also, MT 3.2 continues to rock my world.

Well, I’ve decided I hate one of my story titles and it is the suck, so I spent some time yesterday trying to come up with a new title. See, the old title was “Women’s Work” and was supposed to be a subtle coded hint about some backstory thing, but subtle hints and titles don’t mix, and also it is the suck. The working title was “Gatecorp,” but I thought that was smeerp-y, so I never used the term “Gatecorp” anywhere in the story. Yesterday I considered “Forte,” since there is music in the story and there is also much work-competance, but… too metaphorical. “Gatecorp” at least has the advantage of setting the story firmly in the corporate world.
As I was falling asleep, my brain coughed forth, “Roberts Mining Corporation: Forte in C Minor.” It may be too metaphorical, but it helps set the time and place and I hate it less, so it stays. 😉
Anyway, I plan to change it if the place that has it in slush doesn’t want it and sends it back.