“Ondine’s Curse” will appear in an upcoming issue of the ever-awesome Electric Velocipede.  Squee!

“Saving Alan Idle” will appear in an upcoming edition of Escape Pod.

I read part of this story at both WisCon and DragonCon, and I always really enjoy this one in front of an audience.  So, for those of you who heard me read it and wondered whatever would become of Eileen and Alan, well…

I just learned that “La Divina Commedia” will appear in the July October issue of ChiZine. Yay! I’m really excited; I’m really fond of this story and am glad it finally found such an awesome home. (I wrote it January 1, 2009, and suspect that it’s the only short story I finished in 2009 since that year sucked so much. NO MORE DEAD AND DYING RELATIVES, UNIVERSE! I’M LOOKING AT YOU! Ahem, I digress.)
I will, of course, link when it’s available. 🙂

SQUEE!!!! I’m thinking 2011 is turning out to be a good year. Escape Pod rocks!

Escape Pod just bought “Grandfather Paradox.” I’ll be sure and let you know as soon as it’s available. I love Escape Pod, so this is just OMG AWESOME!!!

My story “In the Water” will appear in an upcoming issue of Fictitious Force!

“Grandfather Paradox” will appear in an upcoming issue of Electric Velocipede! Numfar, do the dance of joy!

“Corporate Oversight” will appear in the December issue of The Fifth Di….

Alien Skin just bought “The Captivity of Princess Sallya.” It’s scheduled to appear in the October/November issue.

“Victual-Seeking Varmints from Outer Space” will appear in the May 2004 issue of Alien Skin. Yay!
*happy dances*