I’ve been writing a lot. Well. Last weekend I was sick. Let us not speak of it.
My action chapter is still kicking my butt, because, well, it’s action. It’ll be okay, and the next chapter should have fun stuff in it. Well, there was something fun tonight–I wrote a kiss. It’s more than just a kiss, though, it’s a sexual awakening. Yay!
And, you know, just to make up for my not posting in so long, have a LOLcat. Aw, Pandora is so cute!

Snow at night.

It shouldn’t snow in Georgia. It’s just wrong.

Yeah, I couldn’t resist Scalzi’s LOLCreashun contest.
Invisible Logic

Only you can prevent fench.

Hygiene FTW

I’ll be adding to the collection over the weekend… unless my camera is dead.


The first rule about kitty fight club? Is you don’t talk about kitty fight club!

If it's your first time at Kitty Fight Club...

This? This is pollen. On my car. Granted, it’s the one we don’t drive as often, but still.

More pollen terror.

I didn’t think anyone would believe me if I didn’t offer photographic proof.



Two of my cats.

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