February 2011

I’m so excited about this book! Is it March 15 yet?

Lyda’s also posting vignettes to her livejournal. The first one opens:

You know how everyone asks “do you remember where you were when the Aswan dams broke?” I remember very well, indeed. It’s not a story I often tell.

You can read more here.

Have an excerpt:

Karen rolled her wheelchair off the elevator on the basement level, her laundry basket in her lap. Charlie, the cute guy from across the hall, was coming out of the laundry room. He was so beautiful that her heart skipped a beat as he held the door for her. He was a bit on the skinny side, but his hair was a luminous chestnut brown, his eyes were startling robin-egg blue, and his skin was so perfect that it almost glowed.

I sat on this one for a long time, but I think it’s ready.

This brings me up to nine stories in circulation, by the way.

Disclaimer: It’s your body. Hack it or not as you choose. If you choose, read on.


SQUEE!!!! I’m thinking 2011 is turning out to be a good year. Escape Pod rocks!