Katherine Mankiller

Year in Review
December 30, 2006, 9:57 pm
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Short stories completed: 1
Scripts completed: 1
Novel first drafts completed: 1
Short stories that somehow morphed into novels-in-progess: 2
Short stories that were pulled from circulation and completely rewritten: 1
Short story submissions: 32
Short story rejections: 28
Short story sales: 1
Short stories in circulation: 3
Lo, I am dissatisfied.


It’s been a rough year for you on a lot of fronts. I think what you’ve accomplished is tremendous.

Comment by misha

Thank you. And the novel draft counts as more than one short story, right?
I didn’t have very many short story ideas this year. I remember complaining about that a few months ago.

Comment by Katherine Mankiller

You’ll get there. I spent several years not getting much sold (although getting a lot written) before editors started to like me. I still don’t have the most prestigious editors liking me, so I’m still nowhere near happy with where my career is at, but you know the game, and you’re doing all the right things. You’ll get there.

Comment by Jennifer Pelland

Thank you, Jen.
I think I’d sell more if I had more in circulation that was as good as or better than what’s there now. The “as good as or better than” along with the more is the trick.

Comment by Katherine Mankiller

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