I’ve been stuck at 75 pages for awhile on Double Feature. Thematically, there are two minor characters who need more to do, and I might need to pad out the end a little with a bit more denouement, so hopefully that’ll do the unsticking trick.
I’ve been teaching myself to knit and started using my new Navajo loom. In fact, I had Final Draft read me my script while I knitted, which helped me decide what the script needs, so… that’s of the good. The knitting is from this “teach yourself to knit” kit that proclaims that it has “high-quality yarn.” Not to this yarn snob, but it’s good enough for my beginning fumbles. The Navajo loom, on the other hand… I’m using good yarn for that.
I may try to use my backstrap loom again sometime, too. The backstrap has the advantage of being portable, like knitting. I took my knitting to a doctor’s appointment and didn’t even mind the waiting room.