I managed a super-rough outline (um, yeah, it’s a description of the setup and a few minor plot beats) and wrote five pages of setting up the premise in Final Draft, so I suspect the movie script is a go. Although I really, really need to come up with a better outline than I had last time. I don’t outline short fiction, so outlining is an underused skill for me, and one I don’t think I’m good at. Sigh.
This is going to be a fun project. I giggled through much of the writing. Then I read it aloud to Brian and he giggled, too. It’s particularly droll to make Final Draft read me my silly script in its dry robot voice. *Cackle!*
The working title is “Double Feature,” by the way. (I almost typed “buy the way”–Freudian typo, anyone?) Two whole people besides me know why. Heh heh.