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November 2, 2005, 9:26 am
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I was talking to the SO in the car this morning on the way to work about our respective writing projects. He thinks that the problem I’m having with the story formerly for the cliché challenge is that it’s not a short story, it’s a novel.
It’s definitely a long one, that’s for sure. Oh, not at the moment. At the moment it’s over-compressed, and needs unpacking. But when I put in all the stuff that needs to go in, it’ll be a long one.
As opposed to the other story I have lying around, which is a shorty. And I still have a novel idea percolating–again, I have characters and a milieu and a situation, but not a plot per se.
I was going to try to power through the former cliché story this weekend come hell or high water, but maybe I should finish the short one instead. Or maybe I should unpack and reevaluate. Yeah.
In other news, I’m reconsidering the running thing again. Yes, yes, I know. But I want to. I’m going to try something I read online–walk 10 minutes for a warm up, 15 minutes of walk, run, or both as I feel like it, 5 minutes of walk for a cool down. My cardiovascular system really feels like it can take whatever I dish out to it on the treadmill, but my legs can’t. Maybe the stretching/weightlifting/”whatever I feel like” plan will make my legs cooperate more.
Also, the SO’s next project sounds cool. I smell movie rights. 😉

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