I’m trying to exercise more, mainly so I feel like less of a slug. Lots of people (Orson Scott Card, etc.) recommend exercise for authors on the grounds that it’s hard to force lively prose out of a sluggish, tired body, and it’s true. I may have to buy a copy of The Athlete’s Diary on the grounds that obsessive record-keeping inspires me to greater effort. (You should see the Motivational Spreadsheet of Doom I wrote for the SO and my friend Milly.) Right now it’s a pathetic ten minutes on the exercise bike a day; I hope to gradually bump that up to forty-five minutes, followed by weights.
Um, yeah. I mentioned running here ages ago. That didn’t work out; my knee started calling me names. Alas.
I have several ideas from Dragoncon–I mostly went to writer’s panels this year. One of them is an odd kind of cyberpunk, and I have no idea if it’s going to be a short story or a novel. (Meep! although that would give me an opportunity to use the Motivational Spreadsheet of Doom.) It could get long. Which I suppose is good, either way. I have notes, and will let it percolate. I also contemplated the other novel idea I had lying around my hard drive and made more notes.
I still want to write something for Scalzi’s cliché challenge. I started a draft of something, but… eh. I’ll go reread in a day or so and see what I think–right now I think I would reread and say “Eh.”
I like the Sidekick, but I had to rewrite the php browser detection routine to get this site to work with it. Interestingly, the browser string says it is ProxiWeb/AvantGo. I used to use ProxiWeb on Palm, back before AvantGo bought them. And I haven’t seen whether they support J2ME yet; I keep seeing things that suggest that they will next month. I want Azure!