Thanks to the comments of Jen, Margo, and Lisa, the nightmare story is now in circulation under the name “Book of Shadows.” W00t!
I went to go record the information on my Treo–yes, yes, I track these things in mysql and php–and lo, my poor Treo gave its life in the recording of my data and died. It was a 180 that I got off ebay 18 months ago, and was old then. Well. It just so happened that my SO had given me a chunk of back rent recently, so I…
…spent part of it on a Sidekick. Oh, baby! It doesn’t have internet yet–they said to give it 24-48 hours–but I’m still in nerd heaven! *cue soft violins*
Go ahead. Call me a geek. I can take it. In fact, to record what a dweeb I am, I created a shiny new category to record my amazing feats of dorkosity.
Alas, noble Treo! Your tragic sacrifice was not in vain!