Katherine Mankiller

December 13, 2004, 11:51 am
Filed under: short fiction

I’m trying to be all positive and stuff here about the writing process. Okay, no, I’m trying to be all positive in life about the selling fiction process.
I’m finding really long turnarounds to be much more discouraging than quick nos. However, I’m at the stage in these two stories’ submission paths that they are at pro markets with long turnarounds prior to going to the semipros, so…
145 days. 70 days.
Clearly, what I need to do about it is finish the next one and send it out so I’m paying attention to it and not turnarounds on the other two.
Clearly, what I need to do is focus on the writing and be all Zen and extinguish appetite for zippy turnaround. Which should lead to finishing the next one.

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