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My birthday is coming up…
August 6, 2004, 11:40 am
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And for my birthday, I may be buying a house.
Well, “may.” I’m approved. And very anxious! Buying a house is scary stuff! It requires enough paperwork to choke a woolly mammoth! Oh, God, I know that at the actual closing I’m going to feel like one of the TV actors at Dragoncon… sign sign sign sign sign sign… My friend Joan said she got writer’s cramp.
Mortgage Man is my boyfriend’s uncle’s wife’s coworker. I like him much better in person than I did on the phone. I suspect he feels the same way, as he seemed to grok my sense of humor better in person. No, I can’t be serious, not really. Maybe for the length of time it takes to tell a short story, but any longer than that, no, it is like humor Tourette’s. But I digress.
I suppose that’s the best birthday present ever, although I’d really like someone to take me to Café Sunflower. Hint. Hint, hint.
House. *freaks slightly, but in that good way*

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